2009 the start

We had a blast

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We thank our models

Teamwork made the dream work

With a heart full of gratitude, I can only say: thank you. After almost 10 years, the journey of Buck Agency has come to an end.

In 2009 I had a vision to change the hospitality industry. Buck Models was born: a hospitality & modeling agency for beauty, brains and great work ethic. The concept was a success and the company has been evolving ever since.

We’ve worked for the most amazing brands and companies and have witnessed countless friendships form. We were able to express our creativity through creating food entertainment concepts for the events we helped hosting. The aim was to bring the best out of high talented people. Our recruitment services turned out to be a hit. We rebranded the company to Buck Agency. The focus of the company became more purposeful.

Meanwhile, I had gone through a life-changing transformation on a personal level in 2015. I took a month off work to find answers to big life questions and, myself. What I found was so much more - and beyond words. I started living life from the inside out, feeling happier, more connected and peaceful than ever. I wanted to share this magic with the world, in the first place with the models who were working for me. Because happy people are amazing employees, right?

And so the first Inner Beauty Retreat took place on Bali. Soon I found these retreats weren’t just to be hosted for our models, but in fact for the entire world. Everyone should have access to the magnitude of positive transformation these retreats bring about. Today we have organized 10 Inner Beauty Retreats and hosted over a 100 people. Words can’t express how beautiful this journey has been.

At the same time, Buck Agency hadn’t been getting the love and undivided attention it deserved to rise into its highest potential. It no longer felt fair towards the company, the models, the team or the clients. And to be honest, as I had changed, my heart and attention had shifted also. I saw how I wanted to invest more time, energy and love into the Inner Beauty Retreat.

So now it’s time for me to listen to my heart. To fully dedicate myself to the Inner Beauty Retreats and all that comes with this path and mission: to make this world a more beautiful place, by helping people to reconnect with their true essence.

I’m very happy to have found the best successor I can think of to continue Buck Agency’s services. MME Hospitality, run by two passionate women who have a similar story to mine when we both just started, will host both our clients and models. Thank you Lotte and Marielle, I’m sure we’ll be in touch often the next couple of months! :-)

Words cannot express my gratitude for each and every person who has been a part of Buck Agency. Clients who gave me a chance when I was just starting out, or trying new things. Models who showed up with a big smile on their faces, consistently. Employees and interns who worked their asses off to make this all happen.

Fellow entrepreneurs and coaches who have shone their light on challenges I came across, asked the right questions and shared their wisdom. Friends and family that have showed their engagement. Everyone else who provided their time and energy to make this company thrive. Thank you.

Y o u   a r e   a m a z i n g.

I hope this company has left something behind in the hearts of people. It certainly has in mine.

With love, Mayke